Gina L.

I really loved this organization ever since I heard about it through a colleague of mine. She told me that this was a great place to learn more about film and movie production for free. It was very tempting and it immediately caught my attention especially since this is a field I want to pursue ever since I was young. Every time I hear how she learns a lot and how she improved so much, I grew more and more interested. Eventually, I tried it out myself. I was instantly in love with the way this organization works. It was free and it means that anyone can take lessons without even worrying about payments or bills. We know how these kinds of things can be expensive so it helps that you can get it here without the additional cost. This added to the appeal of the place especially since anyone can join and take a class here. I am so glad I am now taking lessons from this organization. Thank you very much!


Diana B.

I agree when you said that this place was good. I was really surprised that they found a way to offer lessons here for free. As someone who struggles financially, I couldn’t really afford to go to elite schools and learn movie production from there when I know it costs a lot. It made me feel hopeless and I never thought I’d ever have the chance to pursue my dreams again. However, I was fortunate enough to land on this website and discover there is such thing as free lessons. I enrolled and I was glad to learn basic knowledge about movie productions.


Gina L.

You’re right, Diana. The fact that even us students can get to participate in learning more about movie or film production for FREE is a great opportunity. I hope that the Wild and Wonderful Whites would continue with this endeavor for a long time so that there are other people they can help.