Hello, I just really want to know how I could join the organization or take classes from this place. Is it possible to apply for membership online?

Hi, thank you so much for the interest in our organization and we deeply appreciate your question. We accept memberships online, all you have to do is click the ‘take a class’ tab on the top part of this website and there you will see the membership forms and other things you have to submit to us so we can immediately process your application.


Can I join the membership personally?

Hi! Yes, we also offer regular classes here at our organization. We schedule them several times a week depending on the number of attendees. Just visit us at our headquarters to know more. If you don’t know

where to find us, just go to the map section of this site and there you will see our location.


Hi! Can I post anything on the forum?

Hello, thank you for giving us a question. Yes, you may post anything on the forum, however, please make sure that you will be nice towards other people and that you’ll keep your words polite and not offensive. We all want everyone to get along here at our website as we promote a harmonious relationship when it comes to our frequent guests’ interactions with one another.

Hi, I’ve been interested in your online class lately and was wondering if I could see more in the future. Do you update your lessons here on this website?

Hello, thank you so much for dropping by at our website and being interested in our online lessons. Yes, we do update our website and our lessons but we do not do it on a weekly or monthly basis. We update them depending on the need so stay tuned for the news on this.


Can I be notified once you post another lesson on this site? If yes, how?

A. Hello. You can be notified when we update new lessons through your email. Please give us your email address by signing up for our newsletter and we will immediately send you notifications after we post updates on any of our entries here in the future.