Review - Variety

June 11, 2010

Variety reviewed the film on their soundcheck blog.

An excerpt:

"There's enough unguarded and utterly lunatic behavior in "The Wild and Wonderful Whites" to fuel a lifetime of reality TV seasons. Drinking, gas-huffing, drug dealing and drug-taking (and rehab), brawling, infidelity, armed robbery, attempted murder, incarceration and parole -- it's all here. The Whites make Faulkner's Snopeses look like the Royal Family. The action is played out against a soundtrack of classic country, punk, thrash and an original score by roots guitar flash Deke Dickerson.

Beyond its mind-boggling storyline and unhinged music, the picture has a point to make. Nitzberg successfully places the Whites' outrageous way of life in the context of the fatalistic coal country culture; in April, 29 miners were killed in a Boone County mine explosion, the worst U.S. catastrophe in four decades.

Add this remarkable movie to your must-see list."

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