Making Movies with the WAWW

There are so many people out there who are interested not just in watching films and movies but in making them as well. I am proud to say that one of those people is me. I just wanted to share my first attempt at making a movie and how joining an online group helped me improve in this path I chose in life! I was so happy to share it with other people since I know that many of you are also interested in movie productions and related stuff just like me. I want this blog entry to serve as your guidance just in case you need additional tips in starting making your own movies.

It all started when I needed a garage door repair in Tempe a few months ago. Since it wasn’t just my garage door that needed to be fixed but my car as well, I asked a friend of mine to drop me off my workplace. However, before we even arrived at my workplace, she told me that she needs to do something quick from this place where she undergoes training to improve her skills in video recording. She was the one who first introduced me to a place called The Wild and Wonderful Whites. This place is like an organization that trains people of all ages to enhance their skills in film and movie production. It was like a training ground for aspiring movie producers, writers, camera directors, and more.

I was in particular fascinated by this organization since I was really interested in movies and films though I didn’t get the chance to take a degree connected to this. You see, my parents wanted me to take another path that is finance-related. In hopes not to disappoint them, I followed this up until the career I have chosen. But even then, my love for film production was never far from my mind. This is why, when I am already old enough to decide about the things I will do, and I am already stable in our finance-related business, I decided to finally grab the opportunity to learn more about movie-making. I saw what this organization was offering as my stepping stone in finally achieving my dream for myself.

I don’t want to quit my current job since I’ve grown to love it already and I still do not want to disappoint my parents. I was hoping to find a place that offers it at a flexible schedule so that I can balance it with my regular job. Hearing that WAWW can give this to me and more made me want to pursue learning about films and movie productions with this organizations. So, with the help of my friend, I asked the particulars of how I can join.

It turned out that this place can give lessons personally or through the organization. All you need to do is be a member and you can even learn the basic through their website. It was really amazing how they are willing to accommodate even those who are busy with their jobs on a regular basis. If you are interested in learning through their classes, you can immediately join the membership online just like what I did. You can also go to their organization to set up a meeting for your application for membership.

I must say that this place really captivated me and caught my attention. They have everything I want to learn about in terms of movie productions. I’m very satisfied with the lessons I receive and how much I improved in just a short amount of time. It wasn’t that easy but it wasn’t hard either since I always love

to do this even when I was younger. Now with the help of The Wild and Wonderful Whites, I’m able to achieve another one of my goals in life.