The Wild and Wonderful Whites has been here for over ten years now. The reason why it lasted that long is because of this organization’s aim to give an opportunity to interested individuals to learn more about movie productions. This field has always been interesting for many people because not only does this give them the chance to exhibit their creative juices, it is also a means for them to showcase their talents to the world. The sad thing, however, is that not everyone can afford to go to school and study more about this and not everyone has the chance to pursue it even if they want to.

This is why we created an organization that can teach everyone who is interested in film and movie productions for free. We are non-profit so you can expect that we do not ask for payments in cash and in-kind in exchange for the work we do. We just want people to have fun and be entertained while studying the film and movie industry and give them the opportunity they deserve.

For years, we’ve managed to welcome a lot of people in our organization and we are proud to say that more and more of them keep coming to rely on us until now. We are more than glad that people appreciate us and our purpose in creating the organization. It is also our privilege to teach everyone and be a part of their journey to successfully be filmmakers in the future. Since everyone here loves movies and the film industry as a whole, we never had a hard time teaching them all. As long as someone is happy learning more about the particulars of making a movie and they keep being passionate about it, we will all continue to make our teachings creative and the learning process more enjoyable to you.